MULTILIGHT Pro Low Vision LED XL Table Lamp (Plug-in)

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MULTILIGHT Pro lamps are in stock and ready to ship!

The innovative MULTILIGHT Pro low vision lamp series by SCHWEIZER has been developed with the needs of visually impaired people in mind. 

The XL model has an extended arm.


  • Choice of a single LED light temperature (warm white 2700 K, neutral white 4500 K, and cool white 6500 K) with 2 brightness levels
  • Easy one-touch operation with audible ON/OFF feedback
  • Flexible positioning of lamp ensures optimal lighting while minimizing glare
  • Lamp head can be swiveled in any direction and even pulled right down to the tabletop
  • Foldable design for space-saving storage
  • Robust plastic housing

This product has a two-year warranty.