JAWS Certification Program - Certificate and Membership

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The JAWS® Certification program is an online knowledge-based exam of the JAWS Screen Reader. The certification program is designed for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and users to demonstrate their knowledge of and proficiency in using JAWS and helps increase an individual's knowledge of JAWS.

After successfully passing the exam and purchasing into the Certification Program, the certified individual receives an official Certificate from Freedom Scientific, and his/her name is included on the website of JAWS Certified Individuals. Inclusion on this website helps to enhance the exposure of certified individuals as knowledgeable in the features and use of the JAWS screen reader. If you have not yet taken and passed the exam, visit the Certification information page for full details.

Two options exist when making a purchase:

  • Initial Certification - For first-time certifications, a user needs to purchase the "Initial Certification."
  • Certification Renewal - For successive certifications, a user can purchase the "Certification Renewal" at a lower cost.

Note: Users who purchase the Certification Program will be validated to ensure they successfully completed the exam. Only individuals that have previously purchased the Initial Certification are eligible to purchase the Renewal Certification.