Recorded Webinar: Writing Scripts for Web Pages with JAWS and MAGic, Parts 1 & 2, Two One and One-Half Hour Webinars

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Level: Intermediate to advanced

Length: Two 1.5 hour lessons

Exam offered (optional): Yes

Continuing Education Units (CEU) awarded: 0.3

The JAWS and MAGic scripting language is designed to enhance the capabilities of JAWS or MAGic and allow for better accessibility and usability in otherwise inaccessible applications.

In part one of this two-part series we will first explore the alternatives to writing scripts for Web pages. Many advanced JAWS features exist that may eliminate the need for using scripting to make a Web site more accessible. We will then begin looking at some tools and techniques that can be used to create scripts that will help a user navigate a Web site using JAWS or MAGic.

  • The power of JAWS PlaceMarkers
  • Using the Custom Labels feature to rename graphics, links, and form controls
  • Advanced uses of keyboard navigation to Web page elements
  • Using scripts to find text on a Web page
  • And much more

In part two of this two-part series we will further explore scripting tools and techniques to assist users in Web page navigation. Topics will include how to use scripts to locate specific HTML attributes and values. Participants will also learn to use other scripts and functions designed to make Web page navigation and the user experience more efficient.