TOPAZ® OCR Desktop Video Magnifier

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The TOPAZ OCR combines video magnification and text-to-speech features into a single desktop video magnifier. The high-definition camera produces a clear picture with sharp images and crisp text. This lets you use a lower magnification to maximize the amount of information displayed on the screen. It also reduces the need to move the XY table as much when reading text, looking at pictures, or working on crafts and other projects.

The TOPAZ also includes an OCR camera. A simple screen tap changes TOPAZ from a video magnifier to a scanning and reading device with speech. When in OCR mode, TOPAZ displays, processes, acquires, and reads aloud the document currently displayed on the screen.


  • Magnification Features
    • All the features of our standard TOPAZ XL HD magnifier PLUS...
    • 24-inch touchscreen display
    • High-definition camera provides a crisp image that is easy to read at all magnification levels
    • Widest field of view to fit more text on the screen at once, for greater productivity with less fatigue
    • Use the optional GEM® image management software to view, capture, and save magnified images from TOPAZ to your computer

    OCR Features

    • Acquire and process documents displayed on the screen
    • Listen to the unit read the processed text
    • See a full page view of the document with clearly marked reading zones
    • Reading zones permit fast document navigation by tapping a zone and having immediate speech from that part of the document
    • Continue to add more pages to the document, and quickly save it to an SD card

  • Warranty Information

    Your product includes a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects.