ONYX Portable HD Video Magnifier

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This compact, portable video magnifier is designed to fit the lifestyle of busy students and professionals who have trouble reading printed text and distant objects due to vision loss. The 3-in-1 video magnifier is designed to connect to a monitor or a PC and is foldable and lightweight so you can take the ONYX Portable HD with you to work or school, and use it anywhere in your home.

Scanning and Reading with OpenBook

OpenBook is Freedom Scientific’s OCR (optical character recognition) scanning and reading software. You can use OpenBook, along with the ONYX Portable HD and the GEM software that came with the unit, to capture, scan, and read documents.

Warranty Information

Your product includes a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. You may extend this warranty to add an additional year by purchasing a Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA). This can be chosen from the drop-down menu.