Recorded Webinar: Word 365/2016, Three 1.5 Hour Webinars

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Level: Intermediate

Length: Three 1.5 hour lessons

The Word 365/2016 lessons teach how to set Word preferences, change the default font and point size, create templates for styles, insert images and add alt text, create accessible tables, and more!

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to Word
  • Explore the ribbon and ribbon groups
  • The Backstage view in Word
  • Setting Word preferences
  • Change the default document template
  • Create, retrieve, and save documents
  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Show Readability Statistics
  • Use JAWS navigation quick keys in Word

Lesson 2

  • Quickly Change the default document template
  • Create templates for styles and modify styles - ancillary documentation
  • Set and use bookmarks
  • Navigate between task panes, ribbon, status bar, and document area
  • Use JAWS Quick Settings

Lesson 3

  • Insert images into a document
  • Size and manipulate images or the text around them
  • Add alternative text to images
  • Create and modify tables
  • Use the Table Style Options feature to have row and column headers read for screen reader users
  • Contextual tabs on the ribbon
  • Track changes